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The right clothes for your V O X silhouette

Jan 26, 2022

As mentioned in our last article Coco Chanel said "Fashion is architecture, it's a question of proportion". The great lady of fashion was right. The advantage of choosing clothes according to your figure allows you to sublimate it and look more slender by rebalancing the volumes of the upper and lower body.

The garment must be your ally in this sense and its cut must help visually bring your silhouette back to the X (think of Marylin Monroe). This goal is easy to achieve when you know the cuts of clothing that will naturally help you get there.

Here's what you need to remember to help you make the best choices for our final three body types.

Silhouette V

You are a V figure if your hips are narrower than your shoulders. It is a sporty silhouette that we generally want to feminize and balance by bringing more volume to the lower body. To do this, simplify the top and give the spotlight to the lower body with colors and prints!

Silhouette O

You are an O silhouette if your silhouette is voluptuous with curves distributed over the body, especially in the belly, and your waist is non-existent. The advantage of the O silhouette is voluptuousness, so avoid the trap of wanting to hide it with loose clothes and to lengthen your silhouette choose top and bottom of the same color.

Silhouette X

You are an X silhouette if your shoulders are aligned with your hips and your waist is marked. It is a well-balanced silhouette, easy to highlight, because the body is harmonious. Fitted clothes are ideal to highlight the curves of the X silhouette and favor them so as not to hide your waist.

No matter your type of figure, keep in mind that you can afford to wear what you like to have style, but use clothing as your ally to show off and be elegant and full of confidence!
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